Kelly Mullis 
Kelly Mullis was born in Charlotte, NC.  She was an Army Brat and lived 8 years in Germany from the age of 4-14.  The family was constantly moving. She was in 13 different schools growing up. She learned that shyness was not a good thing. Kelly also learned that she could reinvent herself at every new school she went to.

Kelly and her sister used to write and perform little skits for their parents and their parent's friends when they were growing up. Kelly was the director of these little productions. Eventually her sister outgrew the creative process and Kelly found herself flying solo. Kelly loved to entertain people and make them smile. Kelly's sister went on to become a pre-natel doctor while Kelly never gave up the dream to become an actress.  She was influenced by shows like "Little House on the Prairie", "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family". Kelly knew in her heart from the age of 8 that she had to become an actress!

Arriving in LA at the age of 19, Kelly got her SAG card quickly when she was cast in a low budget film called "BORN" (Body Organ Replacement Network) that starred William Smith, PJ Soles, and Cliff Howard (Ron Howard's Brother).  Before Kelly moved to LA, she lived in Miami, Florida with a second cousin named Bootsie, who was a great influence on Kelly. Bootsie was the first person to tell Kelly about Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn Monroe became a huge influence on Kelly in how she acted and also how she grew into her look and style as a person.  She booked a lot of parts acting like Marilyn on auditions.  Later on, Kelly realized that she needed to find out who she was.  She wasn't Marilyn, she was Kelly.  Who was Kelly?? So Kelly changed her style and got stronger in her acting. She got an attitude and different parts came her way.  

She went on to guest-starring in shows such as "Diagnosis Murder" and "NYPD BLUE" and General Hospital, and many more.

Kelly Mullis is also a photographer, painter, and a writer of screenplays.  Recently she started her own Actor's Workshop called "The Hollywood Players Actor's Group".  She is the Artistic Director of the group.  She wants to turn it into a theatre company and produce plays, short films and feature films.

Kelly wants to become a director and film maker in the future. She loves show business and believes that you have to make your own opportunities in this business.

She is currently starring as Marilyn Monroe in "Marilyn-My Secret" at the Mache Theatre in West Hollywood.  It's a dream come true for Kelly to play Marilyn Monroe.  The play is directed by Odalys Nanin and runs thru April 21st.  She is thrilled to be part of such a wonderful production!!