Kelly Mullis 
Kelly Mullis
                                                SAG * AFTRA

Hair: Blonde                                                              323.428.3739
Eyes: Blue    
How I Met Your Mother         Co-Star                Rob Greenberg
So Little Time                        Guest Star           Richard Correll I
NYPD Blue                            Guest Star           Paris Barclay
NYPD Blue                            Guest Star           Adam Nimoy
Almost Perfect                       Guest Star           Ken Levine
Courthouse (Pilot)                 Guest Star           Ron Lagomarsino
Lois & Clark                           Guest Star           Alan J. Levi
(2)Diagnosis Murder              Guest Star           Louie Antonio
                                               Guest Star          /Frank Thackery
Perry Mason                          Guest Star           Helaine Head
Johnny Bago                         Guest Star           Frank Marshall
The Ben Stiller Show            Guest Star           Ben Stiller
General Hospital (recurring) Guest Star            Phil Sogard
Mr. Belvedere                       Guest Star            Don Corvan
A Family For Joe                  Guest Star            Alan Rafkin
Second Chances                  Co-Star                 Steve Scaini
Just The Ten Of Us               Co-Star                 Frank Bonner
Super Boy                             Co-Star                 Alexander Salkind
Super Force                          Co-Star                 Rod Taylor
The Munsters Today             Co-Star                 Russ Petranto
Father & Son                         Co-Star                George Stanford Brown

The Other Way                      Featured              Malcolm Abbey
Meet Me At the Paradise       Featured              Vick Sabitjian
Black Cadillac                        Featured              John Murloski
Bar Hopping                           Featured              Steve Cohen
Pirates (TNT)                         Co-Star                 Martyn Burke
B.O.R.N.                                Co-Star                 Ross Hagen
Shooters                                Co-Star                 Peter Yuval
Moon Stalker                         Co-Star                 Michael O'Rourke
Seven Souls AKA: Heart and Souls Co-Star      Gregory Hansen
Savage                                   Featured              Avi Nesher

web series
Project Hollywood                Featured                            Scotty Johnson
Breezy                                  Featured                            Bri Giger

"Garbo's Cuban Lover"        Marlene Dietrich             Yvonne Cole/Odalys Nanin
"Marilyn-My Secret"             Marilyn Monroe               Odalys Nanin

commercials Conflicts Upon Request

Scott Colomby - Scene Study
John Kirby - Scene Study
Ellen Gerstein - Scene Study
The Groundlings - Comedy Improvisation
Matt Chait - Scene Study & Improv
Brian Reese Acting Studio- Audition Technique
Glen Vincent - Meisner Method & Scene Study
William Alderson - Meisner & Scene
Robert Carnegie - Meisner Method (Playhouse West)

special skills
Dialects: British . Southern Belle . New Yorker . French . Russian *Speak German
Sing . Guitar . Dance . Shoot . Ski . Skate . Ride Horseback . Bicycling . Paint .